A modern street for Tomai and comfortable educational institutions for Avdarma with European Union’s support

Residents of Tomai village from ATU Gagauzia have a new central road, which was rehabilitated by using an innovative technology. The 600-meter street that connects the main public institutions was rebuild with vibro-pressed paving slabs. The road has a modern rainwater drainage system, a power-efficient lighting network, road signs and road markings.

“The life of the 5,000 residents of the village changed radically after the reconstruction of this street. If in the past decades villagers could neither ride a car nor walk because of potholes and mud, now they can go for a walk like in an European city. The new road will facilitate their access to the school, town hall, health center and church and will increase the traffic safety and accessibility for people with special needs,” stated Fiodor Topciu, the mayor of Tomai, during the inauguration event.

The technology used for the reconstruction of Tomai road is also environment-friendly and the road is more durable if compared to asphalt roads. Also, maintenance and repair costs will decrease in time.

The rehabilitation works lasted for five months and were supported by the European Union in the framework of the SARD Programme, implemented by the UNDP. The total amount of the investment is EUR 168,247, out of which EUR 65,000 were provided by the European Union, and EUR 103,000 represent the contribution of local and regional public authorities from ATU Gagauzia.

Aneil Singh, Head of Operations Section of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, who attended the event, mentioned: “These Infrastructure projects inaugurated today with EU support show-case the importance of accompanying economic development by measures designed to reduce poverty, social exclusion and environmental problems. Creating favourable and attractive living conditions for the future generation is our primary responsibility.”

A cycling competition for children, was organized on the occasion on the inauguration: “This square is perfect for cultural and sports activities. Being newly-arranged, it will become popular and be used for community events,” said Petru Cutarov, a resident of the Tomai village.

Another inauguration ceremony was organized today in Avdarma village, Comrat district. The local kindergarten and high school were renovated with the support of the European Union. The walls and ceilings were thermally insulated, the facades were fully renovated, the sockets were plated, and the rainwater drainage systems on the roofs of the buildings were replaced. The kindergarten’s yard was paved and the adjacent territory – arranged.

“We are glad that our joint effort helped to improve the education conditions for 565 children who attend these institutions and the working conditions for our teachers. We are confident that these investments will produce results in the near future,” said Ivan Casim, mayor of Avdarma village.

European Union granted EUR 60,000 for the renovation of these educational institutions. Other EUR 77,148 were allocated by the local and regional public authorities of ATU Gagauzia.

“Today we are celebrating yet another tangible and impactful result of our joint work. It is a great pleasure to see the completion of this initiative, which is contributing in a very concrete way to quality education, improving people’s lives and sustainable development”, said Stefan Liller, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative for the Republic of Moldova.

By the end of 2018, people from 40 communities from Gagauzia and Taraclia districts will benefit from improved social infrastructure thanks to the assistance provided by the European Union through the SARD Programme.

The “Support for agriculture and rural development in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia district (SARD)” Programme, which is funded by the European Union with EUR 6.5 million and is implemented by UNDP, aims to intensify the cooperation between central and local authorities as well as between regional organizations from Gagauzia and Taraclia districts in order to foster the social and economic development of the region and of the Republic of Moldova as a whole.

For more information please contact: Natalia Costas, National Communication Consultant, SARD programme, tel.: 069 22 11 41; E-mail: natalia.costas@undp.org